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Champion- Born I Music & Justine

  • Release date: 2014-01-24
  • Label: Sony Music

Written by J. Ok, O. Jones-Quartey , A. Halpern
Background Vocals by J.Ok, J.Yoo

Verse 1
(Born I Music Rap)
Food for thought, put my verse on the plate
See if you can solve it in the first 48
Paradise Lost for a paralyzed boss fortunately I walk over patterns I thought
When I ride through they lean back to see
Lookin at that young clean bastard me
Lookin but they can’t see past the V
They say I changed and they lookin for that classic B
B-O-R-N-I-Music for jedis
Who would expect I to get fly wool in my necktie
Tony told me that the world was mine
Picture me unstringin feedin pearls to swine
Who wanna be a millionaire
Put your fingers in the air
Pop the hood on what I’m driving
No it ain’t no engine there
Wake up as the flowers turn their faces to the sun
They say the world is dyin I’ll be patient till it’s done

(Justine Singing)
I can see the stars align
Everything’s falling in line
Legend in the making
Looking like the whole world’s up for the taking
Cuz when the moment’s right you’ll know
You’ll feel it coming in your bones
It’s a sign brighter than the sun that the time has come for a champion

Verse 2
(Justine Rap)
Steady polishing my songs like they’re diamonds in the rough
Been slavin over bars, doing time locked up
Paid my dues forever, now these shackles comin off
Best believe I rise above the man in charge – Amistad
All my champions that fight, we can’t progress without the struggle
My nose bled in the night just to get my part of this hustle
Pass the winner’s crown, cuz it certainly fit me
Got my name scribbled all over the king and the queen seat
Sacrificed it all for no replies, but now
I got a feeling in my gut, I can’t tell you how
All of a sudden, little old me, is drawin a crowd
Sit back, watch it multiply as the haters duke it out

(Justine Singing)

Verse 3
(Born I Music Rap)
The young king with his sights on
I’m a cut out of the 80s n*gga right on
Eyes holding permanent bags, Louis Vuitton in that faux black purplish Jag
Who be the don? I don’t hold back the world is my stash
Truly we on solid gold rap words are my path
Prayer beneath the halls of Roman chapels, or is it Nosferatu
The ghost’ll catch you cloak and dag u in them open sandals
Unprepared, snapbacks hide thoughts under hair, some will stare,
Clapback fly sparks run the air
Love affairs, snap, crack, cry, trust isn’t there
Live laugh die dust in the air
Highly favored by the Lord let us all pray
Vegetarian pockets getting lettuce all day
Cabbage and beets, I am shallow and deep
We heavy stuntin but my heart is where the pharaohs increase

(Justine Singing)

Champion Music Video Credits:

Directors: Kayla J.Yoo and Phil IV Tudeme
Director of Photography: Schmirk Pictures and Judlin Civil
Camera Assistant and Photography: Jieun Hong
Lighting Assistant: Minsuk Lee

Hairstylist: Joey Oso
Style Consultant: Ji Hye Choi
Staff Assistant: Gregory Sgrulloni and June Ahn

Graphic Designer for Album Cover: Eunice Choi
Music Producer: A.J. Halpern